Bow Wow - Beat Boxin Lyrics

True religion True religion
White teets I like
True religion true religion
White teets

Big botty big feet big toes
Town bus I can fit many hores
I’m higher than a mother fucker airplane
I ain’t paying for a shit bitch give me brain
You know my name call me Bow ..
Comin’ bitches ain’t come easy
My niggers shout my niggers cheer
Six more … bitch that’s the ….
What you want what you need
Cut a … fucking streets
I ain’t in it …
If it’s bully you know I’m in it
If it’s women I ain’t gay
I got money I’ll make it rain

Hold up hold up
My bitches …
They don’t mean I ain’t …
‘Cause you can get a hore
When you new …. Like
Yeah this is how I’m gonna sound like
Niggers better hit the ground like
When I come through gotta a lot of women man
Bow tell them bro she should give me brain
Now we are in tour bus Yeah we are in a van
Been over girl let me hit it like that
Oh! I’ll just give it
Oh! Yes now she hit it
Just got the chick smellin’ like oat meal
She want it hit the nigger with a ….
Yeah! That beat is the sound girl
Don’t …. Around girl
Limo bus girls go up
They got’em right
All the hores on me
Wanna suck my mike
I’m a rapper
I’m a …
I get money
And my checks are like
My hores crazy they all like
And every time they see me they all play me like
Other hores want me on my jack
They.. : Oh! Bow Wow can I suck your cock?
Young girls on my .. ‘cause I’m ….
And they ate me right on my …
This the sound that it takes like
Yeap that’s the sound ever make like
… Now she waited in a bow light
I’m gonna let my nigger hit light
Wanna train on that chick like

Got a magnum
I ain’t talking cars
What you want?
Honey boss
… I got that
Cach money in my Gucci backpack
I ain’t … man I ain’t low
Flow crazy
Blow insane
What you know about them?
From … home
It’ll be a .. gang in the ….

Put your mouth on the wood
What it tastes like?
I’ll sit on your face
Put your face right
This is how we’re doin’ in a tall bus
Got six fat chicks …
I ain’t trippin dough I ain’t trippin girl
Put shis … let me strippin’ bro’
Get naked I think I’ll the town light
We’re gonna do it all night long

You and me
Your boyfriend is a lame
Magic city
Bow’ll make it rain
I like strip
I like .. pain
What you wanna do man?
You chick
Said you got some friends
I won’t trickin’
I knew you in years
I ain’t pay your rent
I ain’t do your hair
Where you want it
We can do it anywhere
I’ll let the tour bus run like hard ….
Yeap that’s the sound let it bounce
Hey! The ladies are goin’ down
Hey! That chick is gonna give me some
Gonna let’em to you Bow dough
Kids in a train ..
Let them now money ain’t a thing

Hey! You hear the sound that we’re yelling this
But I wanna know how you spell it right

You need to stop it
Stop your car game
We’re gonna ride and rock it
Read 28 spaceships
Goes flip flap
Could really say
‘Cause ain’t rimin’
With the word I was gonna say
Don’t trek like BEAM
And you know it bounces back like BEAM
And we got big .. like BEAM
You can find us in the club
Shorty me my nigger name Doug

Get a toffee for the freshers in …
Big dames they shinin in my ear like
Blink! Now you chicks wanna smash
Now we’re ridin’ on gas
Me and rollin’ on ear talkin’ about a …
Let the boy know straight ‘cause he got the …

Get up on my thing like
Bounce it up and down like …
Men … caughin’
.. I’ll take them out of my outfit
Now I’m ridin’ around the city in a ..
Girls are jumping in the street like …
Feel’ kind of .. nuts like
Like Ice Q I got good credit
Like a white dood
But I sin’t trippin’ nigger
I ain’t man like

It’s two dogs in a room man
But we don’t spell our names the same
I’m DOG he is DOWG..
And this is a freestyle for you
Watch’em go down
If they ain’t comin’ .. BOW WOW
I just got up on this song
Just to get a chick
I’m a bank account big like
I can proudly buy your .. like
Credit card
Swap it
.. I might just ride to your .. like
… wood like
And I’m probably on the phone like
… watch the girl doin’ her dance
Step up in the // watch her loose her pants
G5 but a G4
100 dollars Hallo
Where you’re goin?
Heard you like to dance
Strip up ..
I even jet Gucci Gucci man flow
I can jack Snoop ‘cause I can do that
Old black trucks not a new …
.. And then I go get my nigger fifty flow man

You already do this
You ain’t this is G-unit
.. I’m an actor I can do ..
They say I’m bittin’
I’m not writin’
But when I drop girls
They’re getting excitin’
… excited
The first thing I’m gonna say …
Shut it! Couldn’t say shut it!
We’re gone
And we won
And this is just our freestyle
An interlude to our second song right now
Yo man Yo man Yo man

Thanks to feel

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