Kanye West - Hell Of a Life Lyrics

I think I’ve just fall in love with a porn star
In front of camera she’s a born star
And call the nurse in a …
Call the nurse do a CPR
She gave that Oh Sir!
Bitter sweet taste is going to fade
Make the .. make the priest faint
Make a nun make a queen mate
Move downtown couple sweet base
Living life like she wanna squeeze taste
We headed to Hell cause Heavens takes time
Well I’m gonna levitate make the double wait

Have you lost your mind?
Tell me what you think when you cross the line
No more drugs for me
Pussy and religion is all I need
Grab my hand
And baby we’ll live a Hell of a life

Never in the wildest dreams
Never in the wildest dreams
In the wildest
You hear the loudest screams
Coming from inside the screen
You were wild
Tell me what I got to do to be like that
She said the price go down …
It’s kind of crazy
We’re all .. the same thing
Well I guess a lot of them do
And we’re all in the same game
What a waste I’m not gonna change game
Bang bang bang bang


One day I’ll Mary the porn star
We’ll have a big crib and a long yard
We’ll have a mansion that’s the fly thing
.. we both screwed the ..
She wanna do foreplay until I roll over
I’m gonna need a whole day
At least for what I’ve told you
We’re party as we’re going to an Oscar day
.. can’t get that dress in the Oscar day
We’ll rent it .. rent it until they couldn’t take the ..
Dress of her back and tell them to get away
I think I’ve fall in love with a porn star
I’m glad ..
Honeymoon on a dance floor
And got divorced by the end of the night
That’s one Hell of a life

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