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Giggs - Greaziest Freestyle Lyrics

[Verse 1: Joe Grind]
2 AM parked up like a stake out, bitch in the whip and we ain't tryna make out. (ummm)
When I say we got food on us I ain't talking bout muhfucking take out (dam fam).
Bags all weighed out, line starts ringing I'm about to get paid now (yeah).
80 for the grave you bags are punk too, bitch carries all the skunk, call her miss pepe le pew.
Just passed these setting up a road check, text Hollow don't go there that's a code red.
Ain't gone through battery must be dead, phone boss and tell him Joe said don't go Old Kent. (ummm)
In a few stop most of the crow went (yeah)
Hit the track has a little bit of crow left.
No suppliers up so I couldn't fire up get rid of all the shit I got then I go bed.

[Verse 2: Giggz]

Mr. Ice-cream man cause I grind with the big boat, broke it down now I'm tryna find me a pink note.
Ever since Hollow meets blade niggers running round looking for a gun that will sink boats. (ummm)
Ridin round town with my big *colt* in the right-side pocket of my big coat.
Niggers saying Hollow ain't greazy take no notice it's gotta be a sick joke.
Smoking a fat, zooby while I'm stroking the strap, pussios have gone and noticed I'm back.
Don't think I'm promoting the track I just zone out, then I give you that emotional rap.
My fingers itchy cause I'm an emotional man so niggers better not be provoking my hands.
Carlton and Nuts niggers know they're my fam and the black bandana that's promoting my gang.
Gangster like Movado, Pecknarm banging niggers saying I'm the boss like Anthony Soprano. (oooh)
Don't think I'm coming here to rave if you see me round the back big strap inside Chicagos.
Niggers in gangs the realist mother-fuckers that bang gully niggers wanna holler at man.
And niggers think they're ready for the beef cause they gun down a one little innocent man.
Fuck them pricks I'll be chilling in dam with my big boy spliffs I'm a villainous man. I'm sick of this dam, delivering grams... tryna get the squiller then scram.
Rocks let the nine get em forties is my weapon. Since I started rapping most niggers don't mind Peckham. (ummm)
Me and rocks coming home from a mad one listening to Big Rides late night grind session.

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