Styles P - Make Millions Lyrics

East Coast Mcee's
Down South MC's
Never Fucking Forget | Whose the HARDEST MC!
You on the MTV list
I put ya Brains all over ya MTV Crib
Whoever wrote that ~ Double XL this
I Double XL whoever you felt spit
All these niggas with these A,B,C raps
Me I kick "G" Raps | Guns bust keys wraped
Favorite 4 words "THIS IS A ROBBERY"
Next few words can be "Pardon Me,
That was an Artery
I don't know who the fuck started me."
You think you nice, I wonder who lied to you
You Butta, I'm a knife I slide through you
You think I'm Lying?
Where you live? I'll ride to you.
Just one Deep
Not 2 Deep
Put 3 holes in you Just like loose leaf
All bunch a holes in you
Just like a Kufi
If you know God or the Devil introduce me
It's the Ghost brother!
Get treated like a big bag of weed
and get mother fucking smoked brother
Cut the dumb shit
Cuz I run shit
You can get harmed when my palms on the gun grip
All I want is Millions, Thousands & Hundreds.

I'm money hungry
Whose serving?
We can go to war like the Spartans & The Persians
Riding in Suburbans with the couches and the curtains
Whose ruthless? I know I am
Make you sniff uncut dope out of Thailand
Can't see the God from the lense out the sky cam
Clear the vibe ride or the six ride
get the baking soda tell them boys let the bricks fly
Keep bark buzz and the piff high
Put you in the ground cuz I ain't letting shit fly
Too many fake niggas
With they Fake Ice
Talking Fake shit
You got a Fake life
38 in ya mouth ~ Tell me what it taste like
See me stop like you just seen break lights
Pinky ass nigga, that's yo ass nigga
50 cent gem star watch how it slash niggas
From the forehead
To the Adams apple
I'm a Battle Man, you a Battle Rapper
I'm talking real life shit
Body dead, money missing, real crisis
Real niggas know real talk
Word to the money Nod and every dollar peeled off
Word to every nigga that got his top peeled off
Catch me in the Corvette
High when I peel off

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