Xing Fu Jiu Hao - Bang Bang Tang Lyrics

In the evening a wisp of gentle wind blows and brings with it a soft warmth
Prior to that moment, I have expected for some time to hear your gentle voice
Whilst time has not discovered me yet
Let it quietly steal away your bashful face
In that moment I finally understand what it meant by possessing something

In this way, we have this honesty¬Öthis calm

And when a shooting star streaks across the vast blue sky

I tightly close my eyes

And pray that you gently smile and nod your head

Let me hold your hand, face the wind and run at speed

The time for the flowers to open and blossom has almost come

You quickly enter into my arms

Like a mischievous little child

This picturesque scene we have now is beyond all expectation

With you grasping my hand tightly, as we pass through each second together

Even the most ordinary of smiles can make my heart beat madly for you

What should I really do?

Carelessly I lose my position

In this moment, I only wish for our happiness

Thanks to razvan

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