YOUNG JEEZY - Do It Again Lyrics

(feat. Slick Pulla, Yo Gotti)

(Yeah) (Say I Do It All Again)

[Chorus: (2x)]

You know I grind, straight hustle, hit licks,

Get em break em down, weigh bricks

Late night count it up talk shit,

That why I had to try one for the streets right quick


Four one two fives two on the counter

Whats the scene? a triple bean

Two money counters two fifties dem five hunrdeds

They in the plastic oil thangs them one thousandths

They in the attic.

Yellow shit that have you itchin that instant linchin

What ya say its too short thats Walter Payton

Get it right thats fifty six that thirty six

Twenty eight thats times two thats plenty six

Fifty six a quarter short thats seven vics

Residue up in the wrap thats evidence

Yellow water its hella water thats what it took

Drop the price its twenty five thats reggie bush

[Back to Chorus (2x)]

[Slick Pulla]

Do it all again hell yeah you know I would

I almost lost my life puttin this chrome under the hood

I damn near lost it all for these cars and these jewels

The D.A. tried to make the case thick like glue

Trials, tribulations, you know we heard em boss

We don't eat beef burgers you know we burnin those

The microwave will get it done but I prefer the stove

All black sivich hatch back now I'm on the roll

Made the play and came back now I gotta fresh sack

Four hours there four hours back

Had to get that road cash residue on the stacks we just call it

Blow cash

In the streets pickin chins thats better than no cash

[Back to Chorus (2x)]

[Yo Gotti]

Brickz of white, fields of purple

I'ma landscaper, construction worker

Mr. Kool-Aid drinker, pitcher purple

Mr. he so real, break bread with his circle {yo goootttii}

Straight thuggin, straight hustling

White, whole thangs for twenty nothing

What it do sixteen, seventeen, I'm talkin fish that purest shit you ever seen

I'm talkin murder first 48 crime scene I'm talkin me the realest nigga {yo goottii}

You ever seen, in my life is all I know, I cant pretend you lock me up, let me out and I'ma do it again

[Back to Chorus 2x]

And I do it all again

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