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Lloyd Banks - Kill A NY Cop (Intro) Lyrics

[Beat starts playin' New Line Cinema studio's opening theme]

[Movie Bites from "Running Scared (2006)":]
[Robber #1:] Fuck you! Goddamn it!
[Tommy Perello:] I don't think so! [shot him in dick]
[Robber #1:] Uhh! What? AAHHH!
[Robber #2:] Son of a bitch, motherfucker! Fuck you!
[20 seconds shots, gunshots autumatic gunshots & shotgun blasts]
[Tommy Perello:] C'mon dude! YOu WANNA FUCK WITH ME?
[Sal Franzone:] Give you fuckin' pussy!
[Tommy Perello:] What? ! We can work this out, let's talk!... FUCK YOU! [kick]
[Robber #1:] Uhh! AAAHHH!
[Tommy Perello:] Where the fuck you reachin'... huh?
[Robber #1:] Please...
[Tommy Perello:] Tell you what... have a Mai Tai on me, huh? [head shot]
[Sal Franzone:] Fuck me!... he's a cop!... [foosteps]
[Tommy Perello:] A FUCKIN' COP? ! Motherfucker! [police sirens in the background]
Get the shit... and let's go... NOW! Hurry the fuck up! [police sirens]

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