Lloyd Banks - Show Discipline Lyrics

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

[Starts off with the beat of Jadakiss & NaS': "Show Discipline"]

[Lloyd Bank$:]
Uh! - You niggas couldn't do me shit, the best thing moving, (uh-huh!)
I make you drool each whip. - Seven letter out the cheddar!
Get the tooly ships' (ssssh!) slug proof leather,
Got the Coogi fit. (uh-huh!) - Y'all fightin' over scraps.
Look at the bright side; I'm lightnin' on a track,
Like Tyson on a mat. - I'll smile right in ya face, and knife you in the back.
You Pekaboo kind - so keep ya two .9's
They all gonna drown in shit, creek and do time. (time!)
If you can't make a hit record, do crime! (crime!)
Cause it'll pop you and any protection you find. (find!)
Him, him and the nigga next to him dyin'
War wound sufferin', neck and chin flyin'.
How the fuck New York fell off, when I'm climbing? ! (Huh?)
Grindin'! - sun is shinin', a hundred diamonds
The problem, is niggas rhymin', it's all common. (whoo!) [gunshot]
That's when I bomb him! - Bin Laden, Saddam him - harm him [blast]
Dumb as his pops, took off the condom. (YEAH!) - I should let em' rob him.
Cut 'em in his tissue, watch him tear like Scharmins
Send him off to Sharpton! (uh-huh!) - I'm golf cartin.
You in the apartment, with no carpet
It's cold as the supermarket,
Nigga! [gunshot] - My pants poppin' out with bread
Pistol poppin out'! - System "knockin" like the Feds. ("DJ Whoo Kid! ")
Lunch for breakfast when I'm hoppin' out the bed stockin' on my head, (head!)
Thinkin' how can I get Fed? (heh?)
I get dressed, match the whip with the fit (uh-huh!)
All white button up six' with the kit. (uh!)
When from always trippin to trips with the clique; click-clack!
The biggest nigga ballin' since Shaq! [gunshot]
Hoes on my sillouette so the tints black
Cross me; you get a contract! - You know combat!

[Tony Yayo {DJ Whoo Kid}:]
Ayo! - The mini 14 got a red beam
I watch my life style change off of triple beam fled the scene.
Dream Gorilla! - 'Fical killa!
We can beef like Beanie in Bounty Killa. ("DJ Whoo Kid! ")
I'm that nigga! - Colgate Bent - gleam Thrilla
Ride through Brownsville hand on my trigga.
I don't care if you dope, sick or 4 months
I'm tryna move 10 birds like very 2 months!
I got that piff and that daddy mayne
All in one blunt - and that 5th and that Cadi man
In case you wanna stunt, I'm on that Big Wheel John shit!
Fuck all you haters! - That liquid bomb shit
That they make in Al Qeada.
Brand new gators! [gunshot]
Shirt's Armani. - Dope from the Africans, {Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo}
Coke from the papis, I'm in the streets! {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
Y'all in the street wiiild - eatin' seadweed
Lookin' gay in Mr. Chou's, y'all niggas ain't bold enough!
Y'all hearts ain't cold enough!
I'm in the hood like Golden Crust!
Squeeze and bust squeeze ya nuts
Put some bass in ya voice when you talkin' to us! - YEAH, NIGGA! [gunshot]

[Outro: Tony Yayo]
Lloyd Bank$, nigga!
Tony Yayo!
"Rotten Apple", nigga!
It's a hostile take-over, if you ain't know man.
New York City!
The Unit is back!
Puttin' that work in nigga! [gunshot] [beat stops]

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