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Roscoe Dash - Cant Catch The Lambo Lyrics

Wooo it's your nigga Roscoe Dash checking in this motherfucker man
And right now you tunin in to the sounds of DJ Kutt Throat
Can't catch the lambo wooo all over the motherfucking street nigga
All in yo motherfucking hood nigga all in yo block nigga mmi motherfuckers it's a take over wooo let go woo woo woo woo well damn uhmm Roscoe Dash

[Roscoe Dash:]
Speeding speeding speeding in my brand new Lamborghini
Cleaner the dish detergent my style is clearer than Fiji
Flexin flexin flexin flexin I be flexin hard
Everthing irene now watch me puff one to guy
I'm just so sorry sorry sorry for these niggas trying to hate
Because it's my party party party now wheres my birthday cake
Give some more haters because I love it when they hate
Roscoe Dash the shit and I won't give these hoes a break

[DJ Kutt Throat:]
Haa haa haa yal niggas think we just been got damn mashing the gas yal ain't seen shit yet DJ Kutt Throat Roscoe Dash can't catch the lambo nigga see this shit more than a movement this mmi shit it's a take over you ain't got know choice nigga zone 4 music lines interscope yea a big dawg behind this shit DJ Kutt Throat Roscoe Dash let's go!

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