808 Mafia

808 Mafia - Shoot Em Up lyrics

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Ft. Tracy T


Been so many places, counted all these faces

Makin' me feel like I made it

Nigga try to take it, make a demonstration

Straight shots, no chasin'

Book the curse, no strugglin'

Pink Rose in all these hooligans

You can be the biggest runnin' in yo city

Always soup first, fuck who is

Plenty no wing, gotta tell ya

Lotta work, a lotta ________(?)

Y'all spout niggas, I doubt niggas

Then I throw side brains to the septum

Livin' like a monster, tailored clothes

Cigars and pussy poppin'

In the trap house, rollin' with the robbers

Ova bando money, it ain't a pro'lem

Get it in like I'm still starvin'

Starve a nigga, nah, Harlem

I'm a kingpin image with a ______(?)

Excel magazine, that kinda cartridge

Said you're ridin' on niggas, but really parkin'

I assume guards and talkin' basketball

Got a team full of Ryan Harpers

(Hook x2)

Shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up

Shoot first or be the one to be shot

Shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up

Shoot first or be the one to be shot

(Verse 2)

Roll with it, serve the blow with it

Got a lot of heat like the stove with me

Pack a oven, nigga know we bussin'

It ain't no discussion, got like 4 Semis

New Coupe, see a Roll in it

We will leave bullet holes in it

Drop the tint, then pop pop pop pop pop!

Murder she wrote with it

Talk a lot, ain't have a pistol

But the otha nigga pulled a pistol first

Patnas up, they luv a killa with a pistol

That'll let ya speak with words

But we speak with guns

When it's bout a ton nigga speak with funds

I done speak it all

Type of ring, got that magazine

No telephone, give 'em don't call us

Ye ain't wid it, niggas know the business

Shanghaian city when they open up

Gang soak it up or get folded up

Dame whore-me-up, horses saddle up

I'm paranoid, dunno who to trust

Cuz I heard shit, dropped bird shit

Out a Desert Eagle, betta know we're lethal

Bought a gun illegal just to murk shit

(Hook x2)

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