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NECRO - Reign In Blood Lyrics

Verse 1 (Ill Bill)

I'm the creep in the mask, snapped of disease from the lab
I chop my enemies in half wit guillotines and laugh
I speak the language of magnums,
poppin' off ya top & splatterin' faggots, a fuckin' bloodbath o' madness
Well man i had tantrums wit automatics,
pimps hustlas bitches and torture-addicts,
worse than any thought you could imagine
Kidnap an entire school of bible-kids; The ransom is
a stolen stash of black-market software and microchips
I learned to rob banks with laptops from the home of the have-nots
Our soldiers be drinkin blood like tampons
We blood-thirstier than vampires,
Blessed by the reverend head to toe, spit tha chrome till my hand's tired


So it's rainin' blood, from a lacerated sky blastin guns and knives
I hate you that you fascinated by,
So it's (reign) in blood, from a masturbating sky stab
you in the eyes, fuck wit me you're guaranteed to die (X2)

Verse 2 (Necro)

I'm a robotic murderer with a computer in my spine,
my creator has programmed me to kill you wit' a rhyme
Exterminate, excecute, mangle and slaughter,
stab-bludgeon-rip to pieces- thats my orders
Nothin human on earth can stop me,
a tank blasting out my chest through my brain couldn't drop me
Adamantium armor, wires and chips,
electricity runnin' thru my system makes me flip
My database is filled with hate images of serial killers,
downloaded into my brain from tape
Berkowicz, Manson, Daimler,
Rifkin, Gacy and Bundy I transform in an instant to
KILL, everything that lives,
I got M-16's attatched to my metallic ribs and i'm
blastin all you government officials,
till you're dead tissue, it's rainin' blood kid i'll KILL YOU


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