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Tiger Trap - Alien Space Song Lyrics

hat's that in the sky

Do you see it flying by

Is it just my imagination

In it's pure frustration

To leave this world and fly

I cannot stay here, you know

They've made it so clear I belong

Up in the (grey?) away

From this below average day

They'll come back for you tomorrow

They can feel my loneliness and sorrow

They'll come into my window from outside

I'm going on a one-way secret saucer ride

Out of here

And mom, you should have known

That space that you call my home

Is not for me

Did you understand

Stay away from this below average day

Come with me and well be happy

Just me and?

They wont hurt us

They wont even try

Oh they will take us up in the sky

As we wave goodbye

Goodbye world

I cannot stay here

You know I don't belong

Do? think

Before I leave here

Take care of David

Take care of David

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