Glaciers - Orchids Lyrics

Youve watched me unfold.
And ive watched you, a still and quiet picture.
Painted over a thousand times, you hide your face to save your name.
To hide it all away from the world.

Well ive seen your face, and ive spoken your name.
And once is enough to know that this is all in vain.
Take away every shade, let these colors fade away.

Your life is replaced with a statue of who you used to be.
And now you must tear it down.

These sleepless nights have given me no space or intention.
Knowing that this could exist in me.
Knowing that it is gazing at me from inside of you. This is in us all.

And in this world of contagious infection,
where flowers get heavier as each pedal falls to the ground.
Orchids grow into the earth, only to escape your grasp.

This will haunt my life.

Orchids grow into the earth to escape your hands.

You block out the sun, to erase us all.

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