R. Kelly - Victory Lyrics

eems like

The more I climb

Hill gets steeper

And the, more I rise

See I get deeper

It's like, the more I give

See, the more is taken

And the more I'm loved

The more I'm hated

Still the, the more I fall (yeah)

The more I'll get up (yeah)

And keep on drivin' (yeah)

Though the road is tough (yeah)

And I won't stop (yeah)

Until I get what's mine (yeah)

But until then (yeah)

See I'm


Tearing down the walls

And I'm moving the mountains

Stirring up the sea

And believing in a change

Puttin' out the fire

Enduring through the pain

They will come

And I will shout



[Verse 2]

Seems like the more I win

The more I lose

The more my mind's made up

The more I'm confused

It's like the, more that I search

The more I get lost

And just when I get home

Seems like I fall off

But the more it rains (yeah)

The more I'll pray (yeah)

'Cause I know tomorrow (yeah)

Will be a brighter day (yeah)

So I won't stop (yeah)

Till I get what's mine (yeah)

Until then (yeah)



[Verse 3]

(I believe) When the morning comes I will rise

(I believe) There's an angel for me in the sky

(I believe) As long as heaven's right by my side


[Chorus x2]

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2010-09-27 10:33:03 by Juey
Mr Kells never dissappoints, he is the true king of RNB. Way 2 go...