Bizzy Bone - Nintendo Lyrics

I got more game than nintendo. I'm super cold
I keep these bitches hangin on my colthes. Let em know
It ain't a thang to swang in da club and get it crunk
And you can meet me in da front like what, I pop da trunk

But I can't stay I gotta go
Because da police on the way a nigga know
You better roll outta they way n pull out slow
Leave da spot with a bang of a .44

Now you know I smoke that potent dro. My purple cold
And you can get it from my [? ] Joe. That's by th Zone
Yo nose is open when I let it blow. Call up my chick
And toss da bag and baby you roll you can roll
Hey you can smoke that's is you move out da way. And watch ya tone
Stay on da low and wear da k n coke [? ]
Too bad my probations today. I gotta go gotta go

I got more game than nintendo

Got sticky icky in my dickie clothes. Hand on da stove
And don't nobody tell me anymore. Just let me go
It ain't a thang when we hit da floor. My niggas know
Me wild insane see my '64. Open da door

W my vehicle call up my killas from da way
And you can

My nigga call him

And now u know I keep da sickest flow. Gun in my pocket
You can catch me at da liquor store. Right next to rocket
Where my money hustle hungry ah put down da buddy
Let's go

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