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8 Seconds movie - Texas Is Bigger Than It Used to Be lyrics

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Song by Chesnutt, Mark<br /><br>

Lucky me I grew up beneath that ole lone star<br>

I was raised on fiddle and the steel guitar<br>

Well it used to be if you wanted to swing to a good ole country song<br>

You had to sing your way to Ft. Worth, Houston, Dallas, San Antone<br>

But oh how it’s grown<br>


Texas is bigger than it used to be <br>

Coast to coast it’s alive in most<br>

Every town and city<br>

I should know I’m on the road<br>

And lovin’ what I see<br>

Texas is bigger than it used to be<br>


It’s one, two, three step dancin’ in the line<br>

Stretchin’ that denim having a good time<br>

My daddy told me years ago - he said son there’ll come a day<br>

When it’ll spread to Minnesota, New York City to LA<br>

It’s happening just that way<br>


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