8 Mile

8 Mile - B-Rabbit And Sol (Car Park Battle) lyrics

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Your style is generic

Mines authentic made

I roll like a renegade, u need clinic aid

Ma techniques bizarre 'n' I'll

I scar 'n' kill

You were a star till I served u like a bar n grill

As I proceed to cook n grill ya

That's all it took to kill ya

You betta recognise me like I look familiar

You wanna battle

You beat it round da bush like ya scared ta lick pussy so u eat around da tush

I need a clown ta push, sum1 that I can bully

Wait a minute, I don't think you understand fully

See me without a style is like mustard without the Heinz

I lead the new skool

You're a Busta without the Rhymes

I'll crush the shit out ya line


Yo I'm da man chicky

Smokin da lik licky

10 freaky girls inside da chin tiki

Girl when ya see me ya better believe me

This aint a game

And pimpin ain't easy

Anything goes when it comes ta hoes

I'm da kingpin when it comes ta flows

Ya betta ask someone if you don't know

When ya see me though say 'Whaddup Dowg

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