8 Mile movie

8 Mile movie - 'Til I Collapse Freestyle lyrics

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It's going down!!<br>


GGG G UNIT!!!!<br>


50 Cent, Shady, AfterMath,The Dream Team...<br>


We gotta get the get well cards<br>


Niggaz is sick..feel this...<br>

Motion Picture shyt<br>




Now don't think ima hit yaw couz i'm popular<br>

Got a p-90 rule go to pop with yaw<br>

Getcha slippin ima give u wat i got fa yaw<br>

My clip loaded with 16 shoots fa u<br>

U neva had a Hot gun on ur waist and blood on ur shoe couz a nigga would say the wrong shyt to u<br>

Homie u ain't been through wat i've been through<br>

Ur not like me and i'm not like u<br>


I'm like an animal with it when i spit it itz crazy<br>

Got semi-autos with bullet-holes and they just tryin to play me<br>

One shot of this ain't enough, u need atleast a Uzy to move me<br>

After four bottle of Don a kid start feeling Woozy<br>

I write my life u write what you see in them gangsta movies<br>

I'm gangsta to the core nigga you can't move me<br>

I find my space at the top<br>

i got this rap shyt locked<br>

I neva heard of u, u've heard of me<br>

i murda u<br>

Spit shells to ur convertible<br>

Lowest u notice..richer per Holla<br>

still go through your door this is war<br>

U scared of me ur not prepared for me<br>

The Kid is back<br>

50 Cent i kno u like that ( Yeah i kno u like that)<br>


Green Latin...Shady Rec. ..Anger Management Talk Homie( Homie..homie)<br>




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