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8 Mile movie - R.A.K.I.M. lyrics

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Ra! (*repeat 7X*)<br>


[Chorus: repeat 2X]<br>

R: Rugged and rough that's how I do it<br>

A: Allah who I praise to the fullest<br>

K: Keep it moving, <br>

I: Stand alone<br>

M: It's my crown, my world, my throne<br>


[Verse 1]<br>

Aiyyo when Rakim Allah attack, it's a wrap y'all relax<br>

The arm in that, you show me where the party's at<br>

Seminars and tracks, hors, comas, and cardiacs<br>

Broads and cats screaming "Oh my God he's back"<br>

Just imagine, I hit the lab and get it crackin'<br>

A thousand styles in one verse, rhythms will switch patterns<br>

Chicks get stabbed in the back, till they get spasms<br>

Known to spit a magnum, or split an atom<br>

Who woulda known that Jesus would come back to the ghetto<br>

On that level, and that thorough, like a black hero<br>

And pack metal, so rap rebels, will back pedal<br>

The pharaoh of five boroughs, and take over the rap world<br>

Gettin' bizarre, hardcore, this is for y'all<br>

The crib or the park, play it when you get in the car<br>

Chill at the bar, sip somethin' or split a cigar<br>

Get with your dogs, don't be alarmed, this kid is the bomb<br>




[Verse 2]<br>

Uh, yeah yo, I used to paint this flow, on ancient scrolls<br>

And learn ta, make this dough, where gangstas roll<br>

Think like the late great Capone when the bank is closed<br>

It's cats that claim they bold, but they ain't this cold<br>

I'm from New York City even pretty chicks act up<br>

Niggas get clapped up, you stack up, they stick that up<br>

Put the strap up, you think my name was "Kid back up"<br>

Big niggas (spittin' noise) pick that up, or lift that up<br>

Raised by gangstas and gamblers, hustlers, con artists<br>

And convicts, killers and dons<br>

Drug dealers, playas and pimps, smooth talkers<br>

Stick up kids, thugs, real niggas and gods<br>

Haunted by every soul that lay dead in the turf<br>

Close by every spirit, that never made it to birth<br>

Since the Moon separated from Earth<br>

That's why they say I'm the greatest that ever orchestrated a verse<br>

It's the<br>




[Verse 3]<br>

Ay yo, we toast to that, it's the cat that broke backs<br>

To a soul slap, a smoke a track, how dope is that<br>

Poet for rap, wrote backs that most slack, <br>

That know rap before they turned coke to crack<br>

To my dogs hearin' sirens on and firearms<br>

Outcome die in wars or behind iron bars<br>

The boulevard, tire frauds when I evolve<br>

Try and rob, my dialogue, I am God<br>

Chicks moan just to get next to my throne<br>

And sniff my cologne and get Ra alone<br>

Sex spot's at home, I'm testosterone<br>

Caress spots, stress drops, bedrock's the bone<br>

Hit the floor, it's hot for 2003<br>

Hit's galore, who rock a style as wild as me<br>

Rest assure, when I rock dance crowds and scream<br>

Bis-Mi-Allah A-Rahman A-Rahim it's the<br>


[Chorus] - 6X<br>


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