8 Mile movie

8 Mile movie - California lyrics

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I'm just ridin and decidin<br>

If i want somebody to hold<br>

No commitment im just dippin<br>

Lay back and hit me cause<br>

California, sweet California<br>

I got the sunset room where we can high and dine in your life<br>


want somebody down witcha, clown witcha, ride around town witcha<br>

in the sun hitcha weed smokin, fuck em take a shower witcha lay down in the bed witcha hard liquor<br>

Wide open<br>

Got me on my back with my thighs wide open<br>

I stay wet i dont need no lotion<br>

meet me in the back of the spot love potion<br>

meet me in the sunshine state west coastin<br>

hit it from the side fly by sex motion<br>

do a drive by, fly by, fuck boastin<br>

Brag on mine we marry i boatin in the sea fishin<br>

beverly hill hoe, beverly hill pigeon<br>

beverly shoppin, beverly mim pickin<br>

beverly hotel, beverly sweet tippin<br>

Compton game got beverly been missin<br>




Niggas wanna hit it from the where (the where)<br>

Spank me and pull my hair (hair)<br>

talk to me like you really care<br>

Actin all queer like you Fred Astaire<br>

You think im stupid dontchu,<br>

You think ima lay down and let you stick me with your meat poker<br>

dont you<br>

Mr swiss (??)<br>

You can come closer, you can come over<br>

You can have a signed autograph of my poster<br>

Drunk or sober,May or october, come right over,rub my shoulders<br>

its a 4 leaf clover, no gun holsters<br>

Get fucked, wake up with a hangover<br>

fourth quarter nothin left when the game over<br>

wake up all alone,nights get colder<br>

see you the next day, get a cold shoulder<br>




lets get it on, we can be alone, get it on in the freak zone<br>

we can both get it on, when the heats on, look we can both do wrong<br>

its been to long, i grew too strong, i got full blown<br>

i got my own<br>

got me a loan, bought me a home<br>

order mine to go, bought me a low-low<br>

and a 64, sittin on chrome<br>

datin news roll, dipped in all gold<br>

roll with 3 hoes, pick a primo<br>

buy some endo, roll 'fore we smoke<br>

we all do the most, keep niggas close, <br>

keep heat closer, avoid all vultures<br>

navigate in like we supposta<br>

sunshine, sunny state, california<br>





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