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(It's okay, it's okay. I'm gonna make it anyway.)<br>

Sometimes I just feel like<br>

Quittin I still might<br>

Why do I put up this fight?<br>

Why do I still write?<br>

Sometimes it's hard enough just dealin with real life<br>

Sometimes I wanna jump on stage and just kill mics<br>

And show these people what my level of skill's like<br>

But I'm still white<br>

Sometimes I just hate life<br>

Somethin ain't right<br>

Hit the breaklights<br>

In case of the stage fright<br>

Drawin' a Blank like<br>

(Uhh, But if I fall, It ain't my fault, Breakin eyeballs, My insides crawl)<br>

And I clam up (SMASH!)<br>

I just slam shut<br>

I just can't do it<br>

My whole manhood's just been stripped<br>

I've just been ripped<br>

So I must been dipped<br>

Or the bustin split<br>

Man fuck this shit yo<br>

I'm goin the fuck home<br>

Rollin my shoulders as I run back to this 8 Mile Rd.<br>



I'm a man<br>

I'ma make a new plan<br>

Time for me to stand up and travel new land<br>

Time for me to just to take matters into my own hands<br>

Once I'm over these tracks man<br>

I'ma never look back<br>

(8 Mile Rd.)<br>

And I'm gone<br>

I don't like where I'm goin<br>

Sorry mama I've grown<br>

I must travel alone<br>

Ain't no followin no footsteps<br>

I'm makin my own<br>

Only way I know how to escape from this 8 Mile Rd.<br>


Walkin these traintracks<br>

Tryin to regain back the spirit I have<br>

'Fore I go back to the same crap (SMASH!)<br>

To the same plant<br>

And the same pants<br>

Tryin to chase rap<br>

Gotta move A.S.A.P.<br>

Get a new plan<br>

Mama's got a new man<br>

Poor little baby sister<br>

She don't understand<br>

Sits in front of the TV, bury's her nose in the pad<br>

And just colors until the crayon gets dull in her hand<br>

While she colors her big brother, her mother, and dad<br>

Ain't no tellin what really goes on in her little head<br>

Wish I could be the daddy that neither one of us had<br>

But I keep runnin from somethin I never wanted so bad<br>

Sometimes I get upset<br>

Cuz I ain't blew up yet<br>

It's like I grew up, but I aint grownin two nuts yet<br>

Don't gotta rap my step<br>

Don't got enough pep<br>

The pressure's too much man<br>

I'm just tryin to do what's best<br>

And I try<br>

Sit alone and I cry<br>

Yo I won't tell a lie<br>

Not a moment goes by<br>

That I don't pray to the sky<br>

Please I'm beggin you God<br>

Please don't let me be pigeon holdin on regular job<br>

Yo I hope you can hear me hommie<br>

Wherever you are<br>

Yo I'm tellin you dog<br>

I'm bailin this trailor tomorrow<br>

Tell my mother I love her<br>

Kiss baby sister goodbye<br>

Say whenever you need me baby<br>

I'm never too far<br>

But yo, I gotta get out there<br>

The only way I know<br>

And I'ma do that for you<br>

On the second that I blow<br>

On everything I own<br>

I'll make it on my own<br>

Off to work I go<br>

Back to this 8 Mile Rd.<br>




Ya gotta live it to feel it<br>

If you didn't you wouldn't get it<br>

We'll see what the big deal is<br>

Why it wasn't, it still is<br>

To be walkin this border line of Detroit city's limit<br>

It's different, it's a certain significant certificate of authenticity<br>

You'd never even see<br>

But it's everything to me<br>

It's my credibility<br>

You've never seen, heard, smell, or met an MC<br>

Who's incredible and on the same pedistool as me<br>

But check<br>

Still unsigned<br>

Havin a rough time<br>

Sit on the porch with all my friend's who kick dumb rhymes<br>

Go to work<br>

And servin MC's in the lunch line<br>

But when it come's crunch time<br>

Where do my punch lines go?<br>

Who must I show?<br>

To bust my flow?<br>

Where must I go?<br>

Who must I know?<br>

Or am I just another crab in the bucket<br>

Cuz I ain't havin no luck with this little rabbit so fuck it<br>

Maybe I need a new outlit<br>

I'm startin to doubt shit<br>

I'm feelin a little scepticle<br>

Of who I hang out with<br>

I look like a bum<br>

Yo my clothes ain't about shit<br>

At the Salvation Army<br>

Tryin to salvage and outfit<br>

And it's cold<br>

Tryin to travel this road<br>

Plus I feel like I'm only stuck in this battlin mode<br>

My defenses are so up<br>

And one thing I don't want<br>

Is pity from no one<br>

The city is no fun<br>

There is no sun<br>

And it's so dark<br>

Sometimes I feel like I'm just being pulled apart<br>

Being torn in my limbs<br>

By each one of my friends<br>

Enough to just make me wanna jump outta my skin<br>

Sometimes I feel like a robot<br>

Sometimes I just know not what I'm doin<br>

I just blow<br>

My head is a stove top<br>

I just explode<br>

The kettle gets so hot<br>

Sometimes my mouth just overloads the acid I don't got<br>

But I've learned<br>

It's time for me to U-Turn<br>

Yo it only takes one time for me to get burnt<br>

Ain't no fallin<br>

No next time<br>

Imeet a new girl<br>

I can no longer play stupid<br>

Or be immature<br>

I've got every ingredient<br>

All I need is the courage<br>

Like I already got to beat<br>

All I need is the words<br>

Got the urge<br>

Suddenly its a search<br>

Suddenly a new verse of energy has occured<br>

Time to show these free world leaders<br>

Three in the third<br>

I am no longer scared now<br>

I'm free as a bird<br>

And I turn and cross over<br>

The median curb<br>

Hit the burbs and all you see is a blur on 8 mile rd.<br>





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