8 Foot Sativa

8 Foot Sativa - Altar Of Obscenity lyrics

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Incestuous whores of Jesus

Fathers fucking their daughters

Brides of Christ, gag on the cum of impurities

Deviant hypocrisy infects the brain

Sadistic rape, a catholic dream to violate

A ritual sickness in gods name

The putrid stench of religion

The war is coming

Vengeance seeking

Rise above the filth and decimate

Malformed at birth, rotting foetus

Assimilate or terminate

Carnal desire, freedom's skin flayed

God's vengeance, desire for violence

Mindless fuck's the destiny church

Racial hatred, assembly line of fear

Corporate whore, driven by greed

Religious monopoly controls the game

Camouflaged lies toxic to the core

Contorted minds give birth to insanity

A false idol, the American lie

Preaching venomous cunting lies

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