7A3 - Hit 'Em Again

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Hit em again

(Here's a little story that must be told)

[Sean E.B.]

Police maybe, punks never

Our rhymes are slammin and we won't ever

Become intimidated by the gossip stated

Instead we'll strive and let it motivate us

Cause we are brothers, don't try to diss

The 3 will get evil and then commit

Assault with deadly lyrics and make you admit

7A3 - we ain't havin it

When you recover you'll try to contend

But the 3 will be waitin and we'll hit you again

[Bret E.B.]

Intellectual seekers, seekin intellect

So if you're stalkin you better come correct

And guaranteed that when I give you a taste

It's like I buck you in your head and your grill out your face

So when they come to your funeral the casket's closed

The secrets that you keep are never exposed

Cause you thought you was a champ but you're just another vic

Said we were stupid but you're not that slick

Heard we're in the house, got your posse and hurried

Looked into my eyes - and then you scurried

Out the door because you have no heart

I see you seen the future and it tears you apart

Once you was a enemy but now you're a friend

Because you don't want the 3 to hit em again

[Sean E.B.]

Once upon a time when I first started rhymin

I used to wonder when I would start climbin

The charts, lookin away from the common problem

I lacked patience, and virtues, I had none

So I had to learn as time went on

About the trips I might be sent on

And by trips I don't mean a vacation

The first law of nature is self-preservation

So my motto is to hit em again

You wanna know why? Well, my friend

In the end the truth is you may not win

And if you don't win you can hit em again

[Bret E.B.]

Because of what I am and how I stand

You tend to fear my kind of man

Collectin knowledge from the mother Earth

And seekin out the prophecies since the date of birth

Brothers and sisters, believe in your dreams

Because without em you're a falcon with just one wing

Always lookin over mountains to see the sky

When you could look down as in the clouds you fly

Look at the child and all I feel is sorrow

It's hard today, and then tomorrow..

See, life is a game and anybody can win

And if at first you don't succeed, well then you hit em again

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