7A3 - Goes Like Dis

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(Okay, we're rollin

Hump on the Chump Whompie, take one)

(I wanna know how's everybody feelin?

Damn it, how's everybody feelin?

We finna get FUNKYYYY!)

(Y'all ready for this?)

[Bret E.B.]

Let the beat commence, see, we feel that it's time

For you to pump it out loud as we knock out the rhymes

So everybody get hype it's, the way it should be

Sincerely yours, compliments of the 7A3

Just pause - cause the world is yours

And all the kinky cuties wanna kick them drawers

Your city kills but I'm tellin the truth

Everybody gets crazy when we start to get loose

Is it the tone of the voice or the dimples in the cheek?

The movement of the bodies or the way that we speak?

Is it the way that we look or the way that we kiss?

Nah, we got a fresh rhythm, y'all, and it goes like this

(Get funky with it)

(Don't say it's easy)

[Bret E.B.]

Get off the wall if you're sittin in the club

Have another drink if you're sittin in the pub

If you're a hermit sittin home all alone

Call up the party line but get on the phone

See, we don't believe in being boring and bland

You wanna have stupid fun? Then we're your helping hand

Life is a party, so don't make it mundane

Get crazy retarted and stupid the same

Honest and open and most forthright

If you don't understand, then you're not that bright

Cause the message is simple, it you cannot miss

Cause I got a fresh rhythm, y'all, and it goes like this

(Get funky with it)

(Don't say it's easy)

(Like this)

And it goes like this

[DJ Muggs scratches]

(Like this)

[Bret E.B. (Sean E.B.)]

We're the two MC's, both uniquely devine

You see the cleverness and brilliance, see, they come from the mind

(I'm the slenderness to a certain degree

I'm known as world's finest, my name is Sean E.B.)

Well, I'm Bret E.B. but you can call me unique

I'm like the snow on the top of a mountain peak

See, we're so much different but exactly the same

Cause we both turn around when you call one's name

I'm a Aries (and I'm a Gemini)

Lookin out for each other till the day that we die

Two baby boys born in Brooklyn

Combination of our parents, so you know we're good lookin

Bret and Sean ?????

And together we form Siete A Tres

Started in Linden, cool out in the Ritz

Cause I got a fresh rhythm, y'all, and it goes like this

[DJ Muggs scratches]

[Bret E.B.]

Yo, 7A3 goin cold into effect

That's my DJ Grandmixer Muggs

I'm Bret E.B.

And to the side Sean E.B.

So yo, if you wanna step on, you gots to step off

cause we takin no shorts in '88, uknowmsayin?

Yo, and if you wanna party, remember


[DJ Muggs scratches]

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