7A3 - Express The Mind

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[James Brown] (Get down)

New jacks, yeah, but never sleepin

Just stressin the mind and constantly keepin

You on the go, so let the knowledge flow

Where I find a friend, you have a foe

Think that we're crazy cause we like havin fun

Make it minorities but never simpletons

Don't hear us on the radio, but please understand

They don't want me talkin knowledge cause I'm a blackman

You [?] and cant, rage and rant

And all they keep sayin is the music's violent

And what I'm sayin makes many of them sick of me

Matters in the least, I raise my hands in victory

One is a fist, the other is a peace sign

So let the beat run as I express the mind

7's for the stars, A is for Allah

The 3 is for us for we are the scholars

Rockin your body till your mind's content

I know you love it because it's evident

On and on and on and on

Product of the new school, for the old was strong

Runnin the risk, makin a wish - never

Because we're clever the name lives on forever

Makin history, yes, every minute

Creatin the future cause we're livin in it

Enjoy yourself, yet by all means

Hold up a fist: red, black and green

Yes, the two are blackmen, we are performers

Say you don't dance, tonight you're gonna

Cause I incarcerate you for the crime

Let the beat run as I express the rhyme

Yo, The 7A3 expressin all feelings, all charisma

through our rhymes, youknowmsayin?

cause we expressin anything that's in our mind

[2 lines in Spanish]

Habla pochito Español

But makin you dance is what I'm here for

Don't have to make love to make you conceive

Watch the movements of the body and you say 'I believe'

Masters, at whatever we do

Commit a crime yo, but never leavin a clue

Young men, all wise, all seein

Talk to the people but never deceivin

Only one land that we call mother

Don't know what it is, look at the cover

As we move ya, groove ya and improve ya

Your girl is feelin horny? Well, we can soothe her

Make her jump for joy, so start to rejoice

We are the three, we keep the panties moist

Yo, I'm steppin outta here cause I'm out of time

So let the beat run - cause I've expressed the mind

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