Young Dro - Go To The Club Lyrics

Grand hustle in tha buildin
We goin to tha club tonite
Like we do every nite
It's always somewhere to go in atlanta shawty

I don't kno
Wat I wanna do
It's sunny outside
I'm a call my crew
Go to tha mall
Freshen up
Gator up
I'm a go to tha club
Go to tha club
I'm a go to tha club
I'm a go to tha club
I'm a go to tha club

Dead fresh
Everybody see
Party strate to tha v.I.p
Bartender bring me one more please
A.t.l call me young dro cheese
Shawty say
Shawty I'm feelin my click
Shawty say
Shawty wanna chill with my click
I say
Chillin with dro now dats cool
I be wearin polo clothes an that's true
Drop top
I be goin ham
Listen to tha trunk
Bam bam bam
Choppa for tha trunk
Bam bam bam
I love bein fresh
Shawty I don't give a dam
Sunny outside but
My jewelery got me cool
Feel real good
So I'm trippin like a fool
Diamonds on my neck
So u kno a nigga frozed up
I'm fresh
I'm clean
Up in this club

I'm bout to be tha shit
Chevy pain same color margarita mix
J.b on tha track
So it gotta be a hit
Polo to tha racks
So it gotta be a fit
20 in tha mall
Man it gotta be a brick
Hollygram homes
Man I gotta be rich
Ice so cold
Man I gotta be sick
Pockets on hammers
Man I gotta be legit
I'm laughin
Ridin around in my aston
My chich look like toni braxton
I flow beyond day
Like dro puerto rico
I like beyonce
Range rover quante
I fuks with ya'll
See me in tha club
Say wats up big dog
My truck sit tall
Lambo sit low
Tha sun outside
I'm polo to tha flow
Young dro

I'm coolin
I'm stupid fruity
High feets on juicey coupins
High leanin back
On dusey fuseys
Dro bankhead is scoopin pusey
Sat my car on stupid ruseys
30's so tall
I'm hoola hoopin
She kno young dro car duki duki
30 grand in tha mall
I went bookie bookie
A-town potna
Pockets on gwalla
Black boy white boy
Rock game potna
I'm finna have fun
I'm lookin at tha sun
To fresh shawty
Man u lookin at a don
I see u lookin at a nigga
Wats up
I see u lookin at a nigga
Wats up
I see u lookin at a nigga
Wats up
I see u lookin at a nigga
Wats up
Up in tha club

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