Esa Wicked Chula - I'll B Urz Forever Lyrics

Know wat mija I been all around da world searching for the special girl and now dat I found u I'm never gonna let u go is me and u against the world baby I'll always be here by your side baby till my last breathe cus I'm your little soldier and all I wanna do is hold u baby

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you I'll be your queen if u be my king through thick and thin I'll always ride by your side till da end of time and all these promises dat we make we will never brake I wanna be your lady for always and forever

Mijo te quiero aqui a mi lado por una eternidad mi corazon yo te entregue el dia que te conosi tu sanastes mis heridas con tus carisias you wiped all my tears away and made me smile con tus besos me quitaste el dolor que me causo un amor que termino y me destroso cus before u came into my life I was screaming fuck love to da top of my lungs but u save mi me diste tu calor when I was feeling cold and low u brought me joy mi angelito enviado del cielo is what u are to me my everything and me for the diamonds and the pearls your all I wanna no oye mi corazon cantandote esta melodia lleno de alegria cada dia I'm just glad dat I found the man of my dreams finally u and me for internity cause we were meant to be don't ever leave me lonely cause your my one and only mi amor yeah

Sometimes I sit and reminisce of the day dat we met everything began with a simple hello u were stranger to my eyes then as the days went by with every word dat we exchange we formed a strong bond we became so close talking on da phone since the sun came up and da world came out u were the voice on da other end u gave me hope when I was screaming low u gave me your shoulder to lean on u were my best friend and soon became my lover till da end your so clear on my mind da day dat u told me

Hey wats up mija I love u baby u gonna be mine for the rest of my life let me slip this ring on your finger I promise u I'll always stay true so wat u say girl?
Baby I do

Cause holding hand in hand was part of da plan ever that I think that one day it will be all about u and me I guess our wishes are to blinde to see that we were meant to be tu me enseñastes lo que es el amor y como besar I was lost in your arms u made my heart race now it all makes sense to me u help me understand da defenition of true love equals u and me for enternity cause my whole life I wished upon a star that I will find u and my dream came true and now that I found u I'm never letting go u were da missing piece of my life and now I share tears of joy cause your my soldier I love u always and forever mi amor

And baby no matter da circumstances thrue da good and da bad thrue da sunshine and da rain threw da love and da pain a tu lado yo estare I'm so proud to be your lady when u feeling low I'll be da light at the end of the road could be u or
All u need is mi amor I'll rescue u just call me cus I'm your superwomen and there I will be cause mijo your my everything your da air dat I breath and for u I'll spread my wings and fly high to da sky to paradise your my extisy that homie been thrue my agony I thank the man up above everyday and night for bringing u my way never dat I think dat I can find it love this warm but ever since the day that we met u show me love and respect u were different from da rest take it slow and everytime I look into your eyes I relize that your da one I been waiting for my whole life u never told me lies your da reason y I'm still alive

Baby girl dis is wat they do and say transplit us apart a tu lado yo siempre estare este amor nadie lo puede venser
I love u I'll be urs forever

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