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Esa Wicked Chula - Ever Since U Got Locked Up Lyrics

Mijo I'm writing you this letter to let you know
That I'm alwayz thinking about you
Dammz baby I miss you so much
I got so many thingz to tell you
Who else can express how I feel
So I wrote you this song
From the bottom of my heart
I love you

Hey mijo how you been
I know it's tough to be trapped behind bars and four walls
Ever since u got locked up
I havent been the same I feel trapped and alone
With no one to hold your the only vato
That has the key to mi corazon
Porque mi amor tu fuiste mi primera illucion
The one that took my heart and soul
A tu lado quiero estar without you by my side
I feel so lost tu eres mi rason de vivir
Ahora yo me siento morir you were like the air
That I breath tu eras la luz de mis ojos
And you left me in the dark ya no paro de llorar
Al pensar que a mi lado tu no estas
Can't find my way back home me dejastes sola sin tu amor
Your arms were my shelter and you left me in the cold
Extrano tu calor ay amor can't live without your love
That's no lie now I'm sitting here all alone
Wishing you was home I feel like I'm the one to blame
For letting you go out with you homeboyz
The night that you commided a crime
I wish I could of stopped you so we won't have to
Be going through all this pain that is killing me inside
Tears dropping from my face as I write this song
Ay amor I miss you so sin ti I feel so weak
Prefriero yo murir if you ain't here
With me regresa ya ay amor I love you so
De veras corazon
I miss you sweet touch you alwayz made me blush
Tus besos y tus ojos de caramelo yo anelo
You were my biggest treasure mi amor
My sinccero como yo te quiero I feel so blue
Without you ay amor siempre en mi mente tu estas
Ya memory of you and me and how we use to be
Tanto tiempo a pasado desde que tu te fuiste
Y me dejaste triste and it's still you da one that
I've been missing and wanna be kissing
Como es posible que tanto yo te quise y tu te fuiste
Oh baby pleaze come back home I need you by my side
Tonight mi deseo es estar contigo have you once more and
Never let you go
Ven Ya no dilates mas
Do you hear my heart crying day and night
Ever since you got locked up I havent been the same
My whole world changed all I see is cloudy days
I'm stuck in the rain without you by my side
Dammz ay amor I miss you so sinti I feel so weak
Prefriero yo morir if you ain't here with me
Regresa ya ay amor I love you so de veras corazon
And mijo I got news for you even through all this pain
That we going trough and rough times the man
Up above send us a lil angel that is now growing a side of me
And I feel so blessed at the same time so depressed
Cause it's not gonna have it's daddy their by it's side
We wanted to form a family and have a happy home together forever
Just you and me I guess it's a price that we have to pay
For living this krazy life we live by the gunz
And pull the trigger and the vala hits are chest
Harder than the enemy that we let to rest
And we feel all lost and confused getting caught up
Doing time for all the nesaccery crimes that we had to do
Just to survive everyone says that I should
Move on with my life find another vato that would treat me right but no other vato in this world could made me feel like you it just wouldn't feel right
Cause u and me were meant to be you were marked in my destiny and if it ain't you I rather stay alone
For the rest of my life waiting for the day that you come back
Home and you set me free from this agginy
And I know your heart is fool of fear refue that you gonna
Loose me cause you ain't near pero mijo don't tripp
A tu lado siempre yo estare asta el fin
Esperando el dia que regreses junto a mi
Dats right
I love you mijo
Always and forever
Your one and only
Esa wicked chula

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