Yoga Lin - Tang Ren Jie Lyrics

Scattering the chopped onions and added the egg, it is the fried rice not in Yangzhou
Everyone’s heart is complaining and it’s close to closing – who still needs to pay the bill?
You said the dumplings werenÂ’t sold out and are just enough to eat for dinner
I look at Pearl Harbor beyond the window, the background music is reciprocated

Strolling down a random street (a street in Berlin or Milan)
Finding a kind of doomed feeling (Oh~ just like the feeling here)
I unhesitatingly tour the world, wearing out my iron shoes
Visiting this pre-existent arrangement
Looking for a street with you in it (a street in Cairo or Kyoto)
Seeking the feeling of going home (the feeling of frozen time)
Returning home in legends is usually looked upon with disdain
Turns out that the most desired things are nothing more than these

Ironing someone elseÂ’s shirt thinking about our children
And what to name them; Little Pearl, Peach, or Naomi
Big red lanterns are hung high up
There are antiques and calligraphy everywhere
Even though itÂ’s cheap, itÂ’s always considered home

The Chinatowns all over the world (the Chinatowns all over the world)
Are an enormous knot of affection (behind the memorial archway are gorgeous illusions)
But youÂ’ve been wandering on the other side of the world, (for) ten thousand and one nights

You must be thinking about going back home to celebrate
In a strange street (a street in Warsaw or Seoul)
There is a familiar feeling one after another (drifting because you havenÂ’t stopped yet)
I have already toured the world, wearing out my iron shoes
And time passes by on an ordinary night

Thanks to razvan

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