The Wake Up Call - Act Of Your Fall Lyrics

I can feel the kisses are fading
I can sense the act of your fall
Your taking your time waiting and i'm left at fault
Can your feel your heart stop beating
Can your feel there's nothing left to bare
Your taking your time waiting and i'm starting not to care

So darling girl will your turn away
Just take me now for you I may
I seek for answers, I speak a lie
To find the answers between you and I

Hear, me speak
You know you've crossed the line
Hear, me breathe

We fall
We fall, further then before
And I'm just getting started and your're just getting through
You can take this the hard way you can make it through
But you left only facing, only facing the truth

So how does it feel to be left alone
Your screaming now, your all alone
Your drowning now, you've lost your breath
And I'm the air that's in your chest

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