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Niusha - Do not interrupt Lyrics

You - the illegal right to the opportunity
You - nerasputannaya thread around the heat
You bear the wind flow along the broken
Panting glass windows from strangers.

And I do not just tell you about it repeated
Yes, I suffered, I was looking for silence
But the sky louder than when I thought
And I stayed awake listening to a story.

Do not interrupt me music leaves
Do not hurt me, you're too close
Do not interrupt me, music, happiness
Do not hurt me, you're too close, you're too close.

You're lost between the sky and sunset
And do not let spring kosneshsya more land
Are you looking for the ways that are not marked on the map
And wait, when you dream of them again dreams.

And you answer some unsolved mysteries
And you question, you are torturing yourself again
Let him there at the bottom of a large ocean
You would have been able to find the eternal night without day.


We udivleyam each other, we give a smile
God forgives us our mistakes
Sometimes we lead, sometimes releases
But we are not alone, we simply decide for themselves.

In dress, whether to run, cry or lie
Falling, flying, looking for something
All in your hands, you can choose
Shut up or scream.

Thanks to razvan

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