Boa - Asaf Song Lyrics

Pecan pollens, nail wall
Window to the moon and a misty garden
Just a little rain just a breath of air
That he was not happy for me too sad
Give a plant growing in an old flower
All the leaves which will see him as
Into Adeni of love is not love
The leaves of the fall out from the heart

With sticks and wheels
Even if all paths
Not paved
Have to work much much much
Another year for another year
Not paint the picture
Blast of air or a small rain
Nail on the wall
Pecan blossoms

Endings are closing, beginning expanded
Such pardons in Elul
Just give him new cases eyes
That he is not keeping me too dark
Or a plant that grows in a white pole
Return is a good time to remind the
Heart of a flurry of feel imperceptibly
Reconnects the broken things

Thanks to razvan

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