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Lloyd Banks - Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley (Hi-Def Remix) Lyrics

DJ Hi-Def is in the building!
Showin' you suckers how to mix!
Hatin'-ass DJ's... beware! (DJ Hi-Def Remix!)

In my Hoopty I be swurvin'! (err!) - The public who I'm servin'
Boost phones forever chirpin', I be out there puttin work in. (c'mon!)
Know them dirty boys lurkin', if they nab then it's curtains
So when I'll go see a person, I spend the blocks so I'm certain,
And that it's cool! - I'm no fool, see Raul is more than reckless
So I meet him when it's busy at that Meek or Morgan exit!
Off that BQ B-B-B-B-B-B-BQE near Mickey D" (oh!)
And occasionally treat myself to a nice little fish and cheese. (whoo!)
I'm really-really in the street! - Benig broke's my enemy
Teachers said I'm dumb but I dropped out and I know chemistry! (aahh!)
I make that soft get hard! (hard!) - And meet my homie Pito
In the parkin lot of Home Depot off Northen Boulevard! (c'mon!)
I got my route down packed! - I'm about my stacks!
And my mouth don't chat, I let my 'bout 'bout clap. (boo!)
But I ain't with that though, I'm tryna get that though (yeeahh!)
"Beamer, Benz Or Bentley" I don't know, I stay low in that...

Yo, I'm fresh, I'm fly, bad bitch in my ride
Got a different industry (uh!) chick all in my mind.
I'm calm, I'm hood, ev'rything all good! (uh-huh!)
When I'm finished with you, you can call me Tiger Woods!
Yeah, Trina, Kim or Nicki! (uh!) - Trina, Kim or Nicki! (yeah!)
She smile she comin with me if she with it then she text me! (uh!)
And I bet ya she won't diss me, when I'm hopin' out that Bentley
She see me and then she kiss me, (yeah!) made my old bitches miss me.
Now - Trina that's a bad one! (uh!) - I'll take 'em gold or platinum! (yup!)
I used to pick up Nicki when I had the Silver Magnum. (ahaha!)
I ain't lyin', I ain't stuntin'! (nah!) - I do it like it's nothin'! (uh!)
The media they used to say that me and Kim was humpin'. (uh!)
I'm a G! - I'm a rider! (uh-huh!) - A thug wearin' Prada. (yeah!)
You niggas think I'm playin' till I pop up with Rihanna. (ahahaha!)
If she cute - I'm a find her. (yeah!) - She giggle then I got her. (got her!)
I used to want Mya now I'm on Zori Sedona! (yeah!)

"Beamer, Benz Or Bentley"! - Kima's friends with Wendy (oh!)
And both of these bitches want my penis evidently.
My jeans are never empty. (uh-uh!) - It seems coincidentally (that's right!)
They say that: "Time is money! " So my team be spending centuries!
"Beamer, Benz Or Bentley"! - Life is full of decisions.
If hatin' was a crime, you would do life up in a prison. (yeah!)
The spiteful competition (yeah!)
Knows that they wouldn't have a shot at eatin' even if they had a rifle in their kitchen. (nah!)
"Beamer, Benz Or Bentley"! - Bank$, 'Elz or Loso!
We be paper touchin'! - Bank teller flows, hoe!
Yeah, we smoke alota kush! - Drink hella Rose Moe (hella Rose Moe!)
Y'all gotta disease, called: "Can't tell the hoes, no! " (hoes, no!)
"Beamer, Benz Or Bentley"! - We black, all of 'em! (all love 'em!)
And we hold heat like a motherfuckin' oven. (ohh!)
My homies - I love 'em! (uh!) - It's family, over everything.
And fuck anything that ever try to get above 'em.

I remember gettin' soup when I first had the Acc (I remember!)
It was the '97 Coupe I didn't know how to act. (turn on 'em!)
When Juju did the stash the body shop on Jerome (74th!)
Way before the boost, I had the flip mobile phone! (right!)
Before that it was the beeper (whoo!) - had one "Streetsweeper"
We all cut class so we hardly knew the teacher!
When The Rink was really hot! (alright) - Rockin' minks was really hot! (I remember!)
We was on the car waggers wasn't thinkin' about a drop. (okay!)
Now I scoop you in the charger drop you off in the 'Ghini
Let you out on the corner right before your boyfriend see me. (and?)
Keep a low vehicle (right!) - when I'm low speedin through
And I'm sccopin' up your hoe they don't know that it is you. (Jones!)
Used to watch my uncle do it! (yeah!) - Scoop 'em up in the Buick (and?)
One chick Delores turned fiend she was gorgeous. (where?)
Speakin about cars I think we still got a Taurus
I ain't 'gon mention 'bout the color, cause it's still takin orders (FUCKER! GO!)

Beamer, Benz or Bentley! - Beamer Benz or Bentley!
Beamer, Benz or Bentley! - My jeans are never empty, bitch! (wooooooooooooooooo!)
Beamer, Benz or Bentley! - Beamer Benz or Bentley! (wooooooooooooooooo!)
Beamer, Benz or Bentley! - Your schemin' don't affect me!

Beamer, Benz or Bentley! (yeah!) - Beamer, Benz or Bentley! (uh!)
Beat it up, I bet she let me she been fiendin' since she met me. (yeah!)
I'm the coolest shit especially when I'm throwin' on my Gretzky (uh!)
Got my S-Smif-n-Wessy to protect me, so respec' me! (whoo!)
This is heavy new Bentley, color Vanilla and Cherry
Adrietti or Pirelli make a movie out the Gatti (uh-huh!)
With my ring and in my Convetti (uh!) - I'm Kobe Bryant ready (yeah!)
Pink Rosé and Chronic smelly while I stumblin' out the telly. (uhh!)
I'm so fly, I'm so fairy and the way I flow is very (uh-huh!)
Getso Machetti when my pencil move is deadly. (uhh!)
Platinum hand, platinum Bezzy make a straight girl outta lessie (uh-huuh!)
Magazine, Mac-Benzy keep my windows like the Prezzy! (whooo!)
Press a button then I'm stuntin'! (uh!) - My roof look likes it's duckin'
Meter go 200 somethin' and my trunk doin' that's bumpin'.
I'm not the one for chumpin', I got the ratchet that will stump him
Dump him! (dump him!) - You're better off dead! - Your money "R.E.D."!

I rep N-Y, I'm so Bedstuy!
Some claim that Crips, I'm rep the five.
I live by the rules, I ain't fake no moves
Never want shot! - You can get the whole damn move!
Cause I keep the ratchet with me! - Keep the ratchet with me!
So they on the reggae, I'm a lean 'em if they test me
Move like - Makaveli, keep it in my Pelle-Pelle
Got the Se-Se-Se-Se- Semi sippin' Henny, come and get me!
Put that Hammer in your mouth like
You peanut-butter, jelly! - I'm frozen really, really
Try me, I put somethin' in your top like Scally
I'm so 'Stuy, I'm so Bentley why you think these rappers very
Chasin' like - Tom & Jerry, little girl, R. Kelly!
Hit 'em in the hurry, you can cremate
Do I get alota
Start frontin' and I'm bustin' - cause we be straight stuntin'!
You don't want nothin' hit your brother and your cousin
Had these lames front tuckin' when we get the gun clotch it!
We touch 'em! - Shoot in the head! - Infrared...

Whether Beamer, Benz or Bentley I be movin' I be movin'
Makin' movies, "Tom cruisin'", if it's action, then I'm shootin'!
Pockets fat! - Neck studded, boy my nickname should be Rueben
My Columbian connect told me that Mexican's have moved in
And he know how I get it, so we 'bout to introduce him
Got a girl named "Cigar" call her that because she "Cuban"!
Got a black chick that be boostin' got a white girl that be Goofy,
Gotta watch her cause she use it, but she fuck me like she stupid.
And she always ready - to give me that Becky!
Last time it was so good, I almost crashed my Bentley.
Hit the club, order bottles, see the sparks in the sky
Well we will have this whole bitch lookin' like the 4th of July. (hahaaa!)
But if you-if you got to frontin' and the pushin' lead to shovin'
We jus' bustin' and we leavin' like it's nothin'! (it's nothin'!)
If it ain't the Gucci or the Louie, then it's Polo or it's Rugby
And this bitch I brought with me she be baggin' bitches for me! - Get in my...

I got a girl named Keema! - And Keema like Christina
Baby three don't make a crowd it make the sex seem meaner.
I jus' wanna get between her! - Turn her to a screamer
Then it's one-two, I'm through, see ya. - I scoop her in my...

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