Bernie Taupin - Blitz Babies Lyrics

I remember running as the siren screamed
Bedding down in a bunker on the warden's knee
Trying to play it cool and act my age
As the war birds swooped and the blitzkrieg raged

But you can't really blame it on Friday night
If the radio's dead and they've doused the lights
Old Churchill told us we'll stay free
Just lay the blame on Germany

Blitz babies born to be crazy
Kids too young to fight
Spitfires hummin', Messerschmidt's a comin'
Doodlebugs dancin' on the West End nights

Blitz babies England made us
Listen to your labour lies
Now we're older ships on our shoulders
Working men spit into the unions eyes

But you can't really blame it on Friday night
When the blinds are down for the comin' fight
My old man's crowing through his cockney pride
Sayin' just remember boy, God's on our side

Chased through the rubble as the buildings shook
For breaking into houses stealing rasion books
The hard hats tanned us, they took our names
As we whistled at the WAF's and watched the flames

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