Lukas Haas - Kemp Lyrics

and for only one brief moment
she fell in, to my lap
it seemed she had everything I wanted in a girl

she paints her nails like my guitar
she played it and that was the start
she danced like a wanted angel
she danced to the beat of my heart

woo-oo-oo woo-oo-oo
woo-oo-oo woo-oo-oo

she told me you had pretty eyes
but I told her your eyes are what I first noticed
then she said, that’s so cheesy
I said, you know it really can’t be, if it’s true.

she didn’t like new music
she liked the Beetles same as me
but as the snow melts from her lips
someone sounds gone forever now

woo-oo-oo woo-oo-oo
bum-bum- bum-bum-bum-bum-bum
woo-oo-oo woo-oo-oo

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