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Plies - Whatever I Say Lyrics


oh bruh i got some muthaf**in' goons

and the will do whatever the f**k i say do bruh


got goons that do whatever i say

got four young niggas that will spray

all these niggas pop pills every day

and all these nigga got they own ak [2x]

[verse 1]

my goons will bring me bid latin

my goons for the low they ain't even taxin'

my goons like to rob they dont like trappin'

my goons slang iron they dont like rappin'

my goons on deck ready to make it happen

catch us in the club and everybody packin'

when they pop pills they get trigger happy

my goons gone wack something they ain't askin'

my goons on beat ain't nobody laughing

my goons favorite words is gone let me gone jack em'

yall let me know how yall wonna play it

and i'll send these muthaf***ers today


[verse 2]

these niggas scare me sometimes

these niggas dont wont to do nuthin' but slang iron

these niggas wont choppas they dont wont 9's

these niggas wonna murks something all the times

these niggas on some other s**t i ain't lyin'

all i got to do is say it and they gone lay em' down

all black when you see them thats these niggas style

when these choppa's go off nigga man down

my goons be wildin' they dont fuck around

these niggas wonna shot something with a hundred rounds

i dont fuck with you niggas you niggas clowns

i'll send these muthaf**king goons right now


[verse 3]

pop pop thats that muthaf**kin' ak

cock cock thats that nigga putting it in your face

knock knock thats them goons who wonna play

yall niggas dont wont problems with me

i live my life like a og

keep 2 or 3 gun men round me

stay coolin' but will get off the leash

got a 380 thats my lil capish

nigga will get off on gp

nigga strapped up thats how nigga got to be

nigga head on the swivel when you see me

my goons on deck believe me


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