YUKMOUTH - Hate Me Lyrics

It's the World's Most Hated
Yukmouth, nigga
This one for your hatin-ass niggas, man, I done heard it all, man
You need to wash your fuckin mouth out with soap, man
Cause you keep my name in your mouth, nigga
Like I said, man, thanks for the promotion, nigga
Goin platinum this time

They sayin Yukmouth this and Yukmouth that
'Yukmouth a bitch, he even got his chain snatched
The Game fucked him up when they was on the same track
And Spider beat his ass, that nigga can't scrap
One hit wonder, that nigga can't rap
And he trick on the bitches, that nigga can't mack
Got ran out of Oakland and never came back
And I heard he was smokin, he never slinged crack'
Haha, gotta laugh at that and blaze a grape sack
Next day I got my chain back, so rephrase that
His bitch chose up, I pimped her on the same track
Niggas be dirty-mackin when you fuck the same rats
And that Game shit is old, it was way back
We squashed the beef since then, I know you hate that
And ask Numskull, I used to sling lley sacks
If you had bagged dope, rock it, bring the caine back

Niggas hate cause they got nothin better to do
Niggas hate cause I'm gettin mo' cheddar than you
Niggas hate cause I'm doin mo' better than you
Or do you hate cause you got nothin better to do?
Niggas hate when they see me in that Beamer on them 22s
These niggas hate when they watchin BET, see me on YouTube
Niggas hate when they see me mackin hoes givin pimps the blues
Get your weight up, nigga, not your hate up

'Yukmouth broke, that's J Prince house
And them J Prince cars, he just rent them shits out
And that's J Prince jewelry, he just lent them shits out
I hate that nigga guts, I'm a punch him in his mouth
He licked my bitch pussy and ate her butt out
And that's why they really call that nigga Yukmouth
Rap-A-Lot dropped him cause that nigga be dissin
And I heard his wife left him cause that nigga be trickin'
Haha, now listen to these faggot niggas dissin
The bitch suckin my dick the same bitch you kissin
Every night your punk rock misses, she was pimpin
I had the house before the solo deal, they bullshittin
Geah, jewelry is mine, the cars is mine
No video rented hoes, all the broads is mine
Geah, like Allen I. I'm a ball for mine
And Rap-A-Lot got my back if you cross the line

'Well, I hate Yukmouth, he dissed all my homies
And fuck the Regime, them niggas all phony
Gonzoe left cause he wasn't gettin no money
And the Luniz split up, he don't be fuckin with Nummy
Keak don't like him, $hort don't like him
40 don't like him, the whole Bay don't like him
That nigga fell off, he don't get no airplay
He ain't from the Bay, he really from L.A.'
These internet niggas always got somethin to say
Make up some bullshit, then post it on MySpace
Ey, I'm from the Bay but to L.A. I migrate
I was knee-deep in the game, all of my family buyed weight
And Keak my nigga, it's PM to the death
And $hort, 40 always tell me I'm one of the best
And yes, the Luniz still together, ask
Gonzoe never left, put that hate to rest

There you have it, you hatin-ass faggots
Y'all niggas always got your name in your mouth, man
And I know why you niggas hate, man
Cause I'm exactly what you not, nigga
I got money - you don't
I got bitches - you don't
I got cars, homes, jewelry - you obviously don't
That's why you hatin, nigga
Step your weight up not your hate up
If I was in your shoes, nigga, I'd watch a nigga
And I'd step my fuckin weight up, nigga
If you could get it I could get it, nigga
I ain't gon' hate on nobody, nigga
And like I said before, nigga
Thanks for the motherfuckin promotion, man
And I ain't dissin nobody no mo', man
Good night

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