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Bow Wow - Roger That Freestyle Lyrics

Wizzles back, wizzles back, somebody tell em bow wizzles back
And I'm da new era, and I ain't talkin fitted caps beamer, bens, or bentley no I'm in dat
Laborghini and they sayin I'm da best and they're right, evidently
Ain't anoda youngin in my weight, class fukin with me
Try da sell sum records first, b4 u try to go and dis me
Dis is cash money babe, LB DUB babe, call me mr. drive all dese fukin ladies crazy
They done came with the driva, yep I'm quite lazy, and I might jus buy a ball team like jay-z
I ain't thowin up da diamond, and I dnt rep da rock, big bezel homie yellow diamonds on
Mi watch
I stop fukin with dese broke hoes and gotta boss chick, ha c.e.o. shawty own her own kicks ooo
Kno u hatas mad at dat, I run mi team quarterbak, dis auto-moss dat shine so bright it'll give ya azz a heart attack
It's bout 2 get ugly, sam cassel up in dis hoe, ballin like kobe, o-g kush is wat I smoke
I'm finna go ape shit, no monkey business, can neva stop ballin, wen ya money endless
Well holla at ya boy den, weneva u c me out, make it rain on all da strippas den we hit da waffle house
Shout out 2 da a.t.l., 305 I c u 2, went off on dat buckeye state, home of da O.S.U.
10 years in dis shit and I ain't goin 2 give up, sombody tell da toilet 2 tell dem boys 2 get their shit up
It's da B 2 da O Dub, u dnt like me den so wat, mi hatas is so I make em immature now grow up
And my flo is sick, yea go get a bucket and go head throw-up
And I got mo girls den spellman college get ya hoes up
Haha roger that now go head roger that, my hands on yo girls waist like a fanny pack
Shout out 2 mi dj, Ill will, ok, spit nothing but the heat up on dis microphone, d-wade
Low cuts caesars, nigga get eika, comfy at da top, y u think I got my feet up
Joule turn da beat up, I'm a bout 2 go psycho, I'm not da 1 2 play with, u betta get tyco
Ooooo, I'm on 1 I'm bout 2 go hammy, who u kno was 13 with madonna at da grammies
Boy I do it so big, I do it so major, I wish dat I was broke cause 2 many people ask 4 2 many favas
I'm in florida with da gaters, I live in kenya dimes and take da leer out da gamble,
Down in da bahamas yea big dog status, tell me wat u kno bout it
Dis is my business, tell dem bloggers 2 get dere nose up out it
Bow wizzles back, wizzles back, sumbody tell all my fans bow wizzles back
I let dese lil rappaz eat, but now I'm bak and I'm bak in full attack BOW.......... WIZZLE!

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