Kanye West - Monster Lyrics

Bitch I'm a monster no good blood sucker
Fat motherfucker now look who's in trouble
As you run through my jumble all you hear is rumbles
Kanye West sample, here's one for example

Gossip gossip
Niggas just stop it
Everybody know (I'm a motherfucking monster)
I'm a need to see your fucking hands at the concert
I'm a need to see your fucking hands at the concert
Profit profit, nigga I got it
Everybody know I'm a motherfucking monster
I'm a need to see your fucking hands at the concert
I'm a need to see your fucking hands at the...

The best living or dead hands down huh?
Less talk more head right now huh?
And my eyes more red than the devil is
And I'm bout to take it to another level bitch
There you go again, ain't nobody as cold as this
Do the rap and the track tripled up and no assist
But my only focus is staying on some bogus shit
Argue with my older bitch acting like I owe her shit
I heard the people sayin raps are gettin trap mayne
Bought the chain that always give me back pain
Fuckin up my money so yeh I had to act sane
Chi nigga but he's hold of his accent

Nicki Minaj

Pull up in the monster
Automobile gangster
With a bad bitch that came from sri lanka
Yea im in that tonka color of willy wonka
You can be the king but watch the queen conka
ok. first things first i'll eat your brains them imma stare rockin gold teeth and fangs
cause that's what a muthafunkin monsta do
he'll dress up from milan that's the monsta do
Monsta gisepe heel that's the monsta shoe
young money is the rosta and the monsta crew
and im all up all up in the bank with a funny face
and if im fake i aint notice cause my money aint
Let me get this strait wait im the rookie
But my features and my shows ten times your pay
50k 4 verse no album out
yea my money's so tall that my barbie's got a climate
hotter than the middle easter climate, find it
20 mantaran don't he wind it wind it
nicki on dem tities when i sign it
all these niggas so one track minded
willy nilly i don't give a F-U-C-K
Forget barbie, fuck nicki sh-she's fake
she on a diabolical eatin cheese cake
and i say boy the chuckee is child's play
killed another career its a mild day
besides ye they can't stand besides me
i think me you and him minaj friday
p-pink wig thick ass give'em whip lash
i think big get cash make'em blink fast
now look at wat you just saw this is what you live for
aaaaaaaaaaaaah imma mother fuckin monster.

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