Oh oh oh na na na, oh na na na
Candy Girl and the Georgia Peach Rasheeda on this mean ol' beat
Yeah, Oh oh oh na, oh oh oh na, yeah, oh oh oh na na, oh na na, oh na na
Hey Fox I think they ready

I got ass (got ass), this big (this big)
You touch up on it (touch up on it)
I split your wig
Lay ya out like BAM
Gon' with that shit stop playin' boy
BAM Man gon' with that shit stop playin' boy
This is why you're hot, but this is why I'm cold
The ice on my wrist can buy a Lambo
Hit ya out like BAM
Got that shine on gon' I ain't playin boy BAM
I got that shine on me gon' I ain't playing boy BAM

(Ay Ay Ay Check me out)
I got a nice, cute lil' booty
The boys like to watch it, like a movie (Check me out)
So cold, so fly, so original (original)
Got that shine on me boy, I'm going digital (digital)
True religion hold that ass like some vice grips
Try and touch up on it, and get your wig split (yeah)
Oh, oh, stop playin' boy
If you ain't talkin' money, then what you sayin' boy?

I got big ol', big ol', big ol' ass
I gotta a bumper stoppin' niggas out in traffic ass
I gotta tooty booty, juicy booty, ghetto ass
But if you sneak and touch it I'm a smack yo ass
I got a real sweet peach, a delicious ass
But it's not quite as big as Delicious ass
When I'm walking through the club
Oh they on my ass, hoping they can get my ass to sit on they moustache

I got that, I got that, I got that one of a kind
Wanna beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it up from behind (yep)
Oh oh oh na, now bring it back, oh oh oh na
My fit hot, the ice got me cold
My booty short give a fine peep show
Bring your money and I might get low (get low)
The Georgia Peach bouncing like a 64

Yes sir (yes sir) that's her (that's her)
That's what they say when they look at my curves (my curves)
And when I walk (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)
It funny just to watch the fellas tongues hit the floor

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