RICH KIDS - I See U Lyrics

uh huh uh huh uhhh

Flexin (flexin) ballin (ballin)
we stressing Oops no sorry I see u...
I see u flexin(flexin) ballin (ballin) girls
Texing and haterz keep callin I see u... I see u

don't sit on that louie
I got Couch rules up,
did ya'll see da other day he gettin out soon( yayo comin home soon)
I'm not on the team But I be ballin doe (BALL)
and I'm not from the 3 but Rest.In.Peace Demario (peace)
and look I'm sorry yo (yeah)
because My swag kills and if I don't buy up everything my cash will (cash will)
and shout out 2 my Mother cause she feelin sad still
the video aint done drop but I got Camera's on my ass still (I'm still fly)
teezie told me that my surf is 2 big
but I'm to Busy wondering if my shirt is 2 big (I like tight clothes)
I go dumb hard
ya'll gum (yall soft)
Like wayne I don't stunt
I stunt hard

see I'm
ballin tryna get the V.I.P we bought it
I See u I see u we not friendly don't get started
u offended Oops I'm sorry I
See u I see u (yea.yea.yea)

ok now me and skooly flexin it's a dimitrus debit
Cards walkin in the mall I got bands so had march louie this gucci that pockets
On supa charge 5 star bitch good rain 8 years apart I been swagin surfin to the
Point I done hit a shark lean got me swervin got knows that I need to park I see U no u see me I'm turned up in the club catch mein V.I.P bitch we deep bitch
We deep but this ain't waka and the streets an in wear the most exspensive
Clothes just so you can notice me true religion robin jeans that's what boost
My self-esteem cash rule everything around me yea the bently cream

flexin Ballin we stressing OOps no sorry I see u... I see u flexin ballin girls texin and
Hatas keep callin I see u... I see u (skooly)

call y designer up I need skool shoes Pair of bally's pair of louie couple cool true's (kaleub) aye I call my 2 I asked
Her what it do I need to go to church so I'm a need a prada suit (skooly) he
Need a prada suit but 2 piece bally me neck down belt and piece pattern
Leather me mke sure my blazers straight and please don't feather me I catch Ya main broad stealing but I let her leave (kaleub)
aye what u ridin in I'm in the
Bently coupe I see u smashing thru the city in the bently too but I'm a young cat but
Still a bossy man tommorow having coffee with davidletter man see I'm ballin tryna
Get V, I, P we bought it

I see u... I see u we not friendly don't get em started you
Offended OOps I'm sorry I SEE U... I SSEEEE YYOOUU yea yea yea

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2012-11-14 17:21:29 by anonymous
Damnnnnnnnnnnnn i love this song =)
2012-11-14 17:21:00 by anonymous
i love it
2012-11-02 19:27:19 by anonymous
wow i luv your song
2010-10-23 19:51:33 by nini98
luv dha song