Welcome everyone to the big show
Jake and jackand the dark carnival
Remove your hats or we'll cut off your heads
Show respect your amongst the dead
Don't like bigots and richy boy fucks
Ain't shit changed bitchcheck us
Detroitsouthwest murderers die
The greatest spectacle under the sky
5 cards came and made they mark
From moon you gone down platin park
Fuck the drum sticksxylophonecello
I'm a wicked clown bitch hello
Everbody come jump in our rides
Bring you and your fat ass bitch in side
Wagonstents are swift as a breeze
Can't nobody get with thesemotha fucka
Bring it on

Bring itbring itbring itbring it (7x)

Violent jshaggyserial killers with style
Fashion of the 2000's and beyond

Voodoochicken and magical wands
Dead bigots(yo) face down in the ponds
Broken neck with the flick of our wrist
All this playa hatin gettin me pissed
Fat chickskinny chickchicky chick hoe
Swishersfaygo's and kung foo blow's
If jake jeckel drop 88 card
No more chicks just sizzlin balls
I'll hypnotize ya like a vampire
Bite your neck and set your head on fire
Shoot me with silver bulletsok
I'll pull 'em outpawn 'em and get paid
Here try my licorice treat
I know dead folk that chew they feet
Carnival moves in shadow of time
And he's runnin a little behindbitch
Bring it on

Bring itbring itbring itbring it (7x)

Insane clown posse icp
Ax murdering done with a touch of detroit class

Jeckel drop ball
Shangrila dies (3x)
1 for your greed
2 for your lies
Jeckel drop ball
Shangrila die (3x)
1 for your greed
2 for your lies

Shaggs 2 dope serial killa
Ax murder boywig cap peela
I can wear a fila jacket and look fresh
I'm pimpin like david caresh...why's it
People think I got bombs in my locka
Teachers try to open it upI'm a sock her
Get the fuck back and leave me alone
Before I have to come to your homeand see ya
Wind me up and I can do flips
And put the smack down on your lips
Billy boy rude and jump steady tom tubs
Stephan legsdouble a got love
Drinkin moon mist carnival bar
Got folk lovepeople love whatever you are
Fork side ways I'm a jugglin man
Can't nothin reign bitch
Bring it on

Bring itbring itbring itbring it (7x)

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