Giggs - Uummm!! Lyrics

Yo, Hollowman...
These brehs are talking like... this album here is a myth or something. {Laughs}
They heard Hollow Meets Blade... they got excited on that, you get me?
They heard 'Ard Bodied', nearly had a heart attack on that one.
Man ain't even trying in this ting... {Kisses teeth}
People have to realise, fam...
That for us... It's just a walk in the park...

Niggas wanna talk like I'm past it,
'cause I took long to start this, like I can't spit.
Like I ain't been making hard hit after hard hit,
So I think it's time for that walk in the park shit. (Ooooooh...)
Woolly hood, that's the hardest.
Sitting down inside my parked whip, banging hard Fix. (Yeah!)
Hollow meets Blade and that 'Ard shit,
Came up from the dirt like a parsnip.
Y.G. rolled up, looking sharpish,
'08 plate R6, I'm like "arghh shit! "
Our bits ain't the part which you should start shit,
Ours click, empty cartridge, you can ask Smidge. (Uummm!)
You can ask Dits.
Spend touch him in the foot, make his arse limp.
And I'm on a mad one, 'cause I'm half skint,
Got a hand full of rocks right behind my cars tint. (Gheez!)
Park quick, there's an art's whip.
Pulled up into the McD's, got a large drink.
Past him in the car park and I asked him:
"If you got the light lined up, and the dark in? " (Ha ha!)



You know what's strange though?
Back in the day was making mixtapes and that,
People were telling us to pay them to make a tune with us, fam.
But now my phone won't stop ringing. {Kisses teeth} (Fuck 'Em!)
Giggs... take them back to them days there, man.
Fuck! (Aarhhhh...)

Popped up and I barged in,
First we were getting blackballed on a 'Narm ting.
Gave up a couple times, still. Like I can't win,
Now, everybody's eyeballs on my dark skin. (Ha ha!)
Chicks gasping, laughing and they're asking: (Whoo!)
"When's the next video shoot? " "When's the casting? " (Yeah!)
Niggas that didn't wanna know want a part in our ting,
Now they're lurking round like a fart's wind! (Ooooooh...)
Charged into some far ting, in some dark tings,
Dark ting came and asked why, I ain't dancing.
Asking questions about Spend, told her "Ask him! "
But you know that nigga's got spots like giraffe's skin. (Ha!) (Gheez!)
Jump into the deep end, when you can't swim.
I jumped in, crept up, like a shark's fin. (Yes!) (Ha!)
And you niggas' barrel don't spin, like a parked rim.
So, I turn the heat up on niggas, like a draught's in. (Ooooooh...)
Oh yes, one last thing,
When you niggas talk about bells, know that ours ring. (Ring!)
When you niggas talk about hell, that's the place that I dwell,
So the stories I tell, I put my heart in!

So, what you sayin'?
The 'Narm's happy. London's happy. The whole of fucking England should be happy!
You get me?
Giggs! aka Hollowman.
{Kisses teeth} It's a walk in the park...

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