POINT OF GRACE - Chalk In The Rain Lyrics

We want it all, we want it now

We want life to be fair, everybody does

We lose ourselves under the faces

That we learn to wear, oh we just wanna be loved

We’re so busy tryin’ to find wonderland

We forget just what we’ve got right here in our hands


All I know is we gotta hold on to

The beautiful before it’s gone

Life is a sidewalk Mona Lisa

And it breaks your heart when you see her

Wash away

It’s all just chalk in the rain

We wanna laugh . . . we wanna live

We’re dyin’ for peace . . . in the worst way

When will we learn to trust each other

Have a little faith . . . and not be afraid

Every moment’s fleeting . . . like a breath in the wind

The truth is we may never pass this way again

Let’s slow down

Take a good look around

At what we got

Before the sky opens up

It’s all just chalk in the rain...

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