POINT OF GRACE - Hometown Lyrics

Oh you can see it when you close your eyes

A Norman Rockwell painting come to life

With all the colors of a stained-glass window

All the characters and old dogs and kin folk

And it smells like bar-b-que and old garden roses

Yells like cheerleaders and football coaches

And it walks like a mayor and it dances like a prom

And it sleeps like a porch and it cooks like your mama


Hometown, hometown

May be the sweetest word with the sweetest sound


And it’s growing like tomatoes on the vine

Fading like a Dr. Pepper sign

Still preaching like a Pentecostal

And fishing like a backslider

And pulling little sisters in bright red radio flyers

And it marches in the veteran’s day parade

And it proudly lets old glory wave

It’s rodeos and county fairs

All farris wheels and canned up pears

It’ll let you go just to welcome you back

No it don’t get no better than that

Our hometown, yeah your hometown, hey our hometown, your hometown

Oh you can see it when you close your eyes

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