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Trees Above Mandalay - Running With Wolves Ruins Lyrics

Right off the top of my head

I can think of a thousand different things

I'd rather be doing when I'm being tied down

To an anchor unwillingly and I'm tying the knot at a pace

Where my fingers bleed you could say that

I'm having fun the pressure at the bottom wraps around me like a loved

One if I could hold my breath for like two more minutes

Would that be good enough for me?

I should have said something

I shouldn't to keep you from my neck

But I'll keep it to myself and let you think that your right

Assuming that the next few years will go

As planned and we do make it we'll have to take into consideration

That this castles not big enough to sleep in

But not let the issue keep us from growing.

I'd put my money on us anyday

(I'd bet every last dollar I had)

Building it instead of burning it in smiles

I will lay here dreaming up a sky to hold us in from taking off

Lets not sleep again until it's under the same roof in the same bed next

To the same head under the same pillow.

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