Trigger The Bloodshed - The Great Depression Lyrics

As we envisage the countless imperfections,
That we disrespectfully share,
With the remorseless mortals,
That stand beside us

All brainless humanity relapses, falling deeper into despair
Everyone's responsible for the failure of our decrepit system,
As a punishing destitution, falls into place
Humankind division's a nauseous premonition

The continental divides crumble, under the weight of control,
I'll advised and despicable tactics used by our rulers,
Never go unnoticed as they tame,

We have betrayed our charlatan Christ,
Society strives to become a requiem

Prayer become inconsequential,
As the light of Christ begins to fade,
Our inviolate celestial body,
Weakens at the core as putrefaction sets in,

The great depression is upon us and we have sentenced ourselves to collapse.

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