Goldie Lookin Chain - Disguise Lyrics

[2 Hats]
My dealers paranoid, I don't blame him for being cautious
There's been to many busts, it's enough to make you nauseus
I thought about the probem so I came up with a plan
Disguise myself as someone else to try to fool the man
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
I'd dress up like the Krankies if it guaranteed a weed supply
Lawyer, Sailor, who can deny?
A disguise is necessary when you wanna get high.

My dealers advice is don't wear a trackie
When I'm coming round to buy my wacky baccy
I goes round my dealers in a rugby kit
I know that he's got bud, he's got the best shit
Hears a chopper above and I'm driving down Pill
It's like Goodfellas and I'm like Henry Hill
I drops off the car and I takes the bus
To avoid detection so I won't get sussed

Walls don't have ears, they got eyes so I wears a disguise
when I get's my supplies
Walls don't have ears, they got eyes so I wears a disguise
when I get's my supplies

Dealers being watched, I'm sure I'm being tailed
Supplier further up the chain has just been jailed
Heard the phones are tapped, like 1984
They listen in when the trigger word is 'draw'
If you wanna score you gotta be discrete
Got the drayless code, fill your message with text speak
Give it a few weeks, keep your head down low
It'll be back to normal and we'll all have blow

[2 Hats]
Change of clothes and a fake moustache
All this bubble for a lump of hash
I've had to change my car at least 3 times
Arriving with shopping to hide my dealers crimes
Last week high vis and my brothers hard hat
The week before, returning with a lost cat
What's coming next an insurance broker?
I haven't got a suit I'm just a draw smoker


My dealers advice is to wear a disguise
It's all about the element of suprise
So I went fancy dress, a cowboy from the wild west
Dressed up like a tree to avoid CCTV
With a stethascope, I'm dressed up like a Quak
When I get there my dealers had a heart attack
So I tried CPR but his life was aborted
And I was gutted cos I didn't get sorted

I got a pocket full of this and a bagful of the other
So I put on a disguise, make my journey undercover
I might be a lawyer or even a physician
If you recognise me you got 20/20 vision
I sometimes wear a monacle to throw 'em off guard
I discard my tracksuit to look less hard
I heard my dealers hot from some of my spas
So I wears a false beard and I'm switching cars

[2 Hats]
I'm given 20 note to get a half a Q
My dealers under surveilance and I dunno what to do
Can't think of goin' elsewhere because he'll break both legs
Then it's sympathy and tea but last months dregs


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