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Goldie Lookin Chain - By Any Means Necessary Lyrics

I get it I got it the game has begun
how much longer till my final destination
kick in the door wave in the four four gotta do it
right now cant wait no more
delivery expected right on time you can try to go for
yours coz Im going for mine
it doesnt matter how I get it its what has to be
done the fuses have been lit and the countdowns begun.

I need it by any means necessary [x4]

Im fiending like I need coke or pepsi
Your Mrs needs good loving so get her to text me
Cutting the corners and Im back on the fiddle
Ignore the edge go straight for the middle
Like Victorias secrets that Im dieing to spill
Like the money you need from your Grandfathers Will
I want the answers just give me a sign
Ive gotta get it gotta make it mine

I need it by any means necessary [x8]

the outcomes immaterial a means to an end
its like facebook when i poke a new girlfriend
aiming for you and my sights are locked
any means necessary now im fully cocked
could sail the seven seas, would drop to my knees
end of level boss gonna get some big cheese
who dares wins ill be the first to define
the world could be yours but i want to make it mine

I need it by any means necessary [x8]

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