In Remembrance - Dead Ends Lyrics

Times up. Now its hard to imagine I once called this place my home.

Its hard to imagine that I once called this empty space my home.

Now its just another place I want to forget. Good times were always

followed by bad ones. But I guess thats just the way the world keeps turning.

Nothing gold will ever stay... Sometimes I wish I'd never wake again.

But when its all said and done i'll never look back.

and when it all comes undone nothing will be left of me.

Weeding out my wrongs in hopes of better sleep but nothing ever

seems enough to rest these heavy eyes. Apologies and regret

have filled my heart. These feelings are unbearable.

Nothing gold will ever stay.

It was only a matter of time before my past came back around to haunt me.

And I can only blame myself

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